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Each Toller Rescue Inc. Rescue Toller has been carefully vetted, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. They are checked for heartworms and other parasites, treated if necessary, and on Heartworm and Flea preventative. We carefully evaluate each Tollerís temperament carefully and determine the best adoptive family situation. This information is placed on each Tollerís Bio. We try our utmost to be honest and factual about each Toller. However, we cannot guarantee their genetic background, or what health issues they might have in the future as the great majority of the time the Rescue Toller was found loose as a stray. For this same reason, we cannot say most of the time if the Rescue Toller will perform in the field as a hunting dog or as a competitor in performance events. While we do not get very many puppies or young Tollers in rescue, because they change so much, we cannot say for sure if the pup is actually a Pure Bred Toller or a Toller Mix. After the pup is older we will be happy to evaluate it. All Dogs that TRI deems to be a Pure Bred Toller we are willing to work with the Forever Family to register their Toller with the AKC in their "PAL" (ex ILP) program so the Rescue Toller can compete in performance events if the forever family desires.

Please go to our TRI Facebook page to find out about our Available Rescue Tollers and Tollers in our rescue. We do not have a listing on our website.

Please keep watch on our FB Page! Because each potential Forever Family must meet the rescue before adoption takes place (or at time of adoption), we do not accept applications in advance without a potential dog selected. Nor do we keep a list of potential adopters. We have no idea of how far an adoptive family is willing to travel to pick up/meet their TRI Rescue Toller. TRI does not adopt our Rescue Tollers "Sight Unseen".

Please note our fence policy: Tollers are an active, agile breed, and a Rescue Toller does not necessarily have the immediate bonding a pup does. Thus our policy is that each home must have a secure fenced yard in good condition of five feet or more. We evaluate each Toller individually and on a few occasions because of physical limitations or age, we allow a Rescue Toller to go to a home with a shorter fence, but not less then four feet. We in general do not allow invisible fencing. We will consider a town home/condo/apartment situation on a case-by-case basis, but for most Tollers this situation does not work for an active breed like a Toller.

We are happy to work with other rescue organizations and courtesy post your Tollers/Toller Mixís on our Facebook Page. Contact Sue Jones Secretary: tollerrescueinc at gmail.com

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Hato, all clean and groomed Hato in his foster's home Rooster, now Hato at the Shelter


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