Adoption Procedures

Important – Please read carefully
The link to our adoption application is at the bottom of this page

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older to submit an application.

ALL members of the family MUST desire the Toller.

Toller Rescue Inc. does not normally adopt to families with children under 5 (five) years of age.

Toller Rescue Inc. will consider out of area/state adoptions from where the Toller is living in their foster home. However, adopter must be prepared to assist with planning transportation for the dog, and agree to pay any and all expenses associated with the transportation.

The adoption donation is: 400.00

note: Puppies under 6 months are placed on the condition that they will be spayed or neutered before they turn one year of age. The organization that Toller Rescue Inc. rescues the Toller pup from might have more restrictive ages.

The adoption donations are used to cover the cost of medical treatments incurred while the dog has been in the possession of Toller Rescue Inc., prior to adoption. (i.e., examinations, spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm checks and preventative, heartworm treatments, flea preventative, etc.)

There is a 14-day trial period for all adoptions. As with any new pet, there will be a short adjustment period when your new Toller comes into your home. When you commit to an adoption, we expect that you will work with your new Toller and make a sincere effort to tackle any problems that may arise not only during this adjustment period, but also throughout the Toller’s life. Toller Rescue Inc. Is glad to offer you suggestions to help you and your Toller through any adjustments or problems at ANY time. Occasionally, despite the best efforts of all involved, an adoption does not work out. In this case, the Toller must be returned to Toller Rescue Inc., as stipulated in the adoption contract. If the Toller is returned within 14 days, the adoption donation fee (less the adoption application processing fee and any transportation expense incurred by Toller Rescue Inc.) will be refunded.

Toller Rescue Inc. attempts to place our Tollers in the best possible of home environments. To that end, several interviews (including a telephone interview(s), review of the adoption application and a home visit to see where the dog will live, play and exercise) will be held between the prospective Forever Home and Toller Rescue Inc. volunteers and/or representatives. All members of the potential Forever Family including pets that will be living in the home with the rescue Toller must be present for the home visit.

The interviews and application will help the Board of Directors and the foster parents determine which (or if) a Toller is suitable for the applicant.

Do not send adoption donation with your application. After the home visit you will be asked to send in the adoption donation. The home visit is the last step of the interview process and will not be accomplished until a potential Toller is identified for the applicant.

PLEASE NOTE: A submitted application does not guarantee adoption of a Toller from Toller Rescue Inc., nor does the application guarantee that the dog an applicant would LIKE to adopt from Toller Rescue Inc. is the one that is best suited to meet their needs. Toller Rescue Inc. reserves the right to offer the dog that they feel is best suited to match the application.

Adoptive families must agree to:

  • Periodic follow-up calls and visits during the ownership of their rescue Toller
  • Providing medical treatment when necessary
  • All vaccinations at the clinic of their choice as recommended by their vet and as required by city/county/state law
  • Providing regular heartworm preventative
  • Keeping the Toller contained and not allowing the Toller to run loose unsupervised at any time
  • Toller Rescue Inc. places Tollers as primarily indoor dogs, and adoptive families should plan for their Toller to be indoors when they are not home

    Within six months of ownership, adoptive families agree to enroll and complete at least an eight-week companion dog obedience course. Toller Rescue Inc. will asset the forever family in finding a suitable obedience school.

    Toller Rescue Inc. is committed to our dogs, and requires that they be returned to Toller Rescue Inc. in the event that they cannot – at any time – remain in their new home.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all dogs appearing on the website will necessarily be available for adoption at the time an application is submitted.

    Submission of your application confirms that you have read and understood the adoption procedures, and indicates your agreement to abide by Toller Rescue Inc. terms of adoption that are contained on this website and the adoption paperwork.

    If you have any questions about adopting a Toller
    Please email us.

    Print and Mail Application

    Or Email TRI: info1 at toller-rescue dot org and ask for an Adoption Application in Word that you can fill out and email in.

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