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Toller Rescue Inc. is always searching for warm-hearted individuals to volunteer. Whether you are able to open your home as a foster to a homeless Toller, drive to a shelter to ID, volunteer transport, search Pet Finders or Facebook for potential Tollers and discuss whether a dog is a Potential Toller, or help with our fund raising activities, we welcome one and all to join our growing non profit, volunteer, rescue organization. There are so many different facets, we are sure that there is always a place for every volunteer. Owning a Toller is not mandatory, only the love for the breed is. Join us on Facebook

Something the Board deeply appreciates is the effort of each and every volunteer. We strive to make sure all volunteers feel like they are welcomed and contributing to Toller Rescue Inc. We welcome and appreciate all ideas members might have and encourage members to submit any idea. That includes recommendation for changes in our Policies and Procedures. If something is not working or could be better worded, we want to hear it. We invite Any volenteer to send the Secretary an email that we will consider at the next board meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Toller Rescue Inc., Please read our Mission Statement and Policies and Procedures Manual before you volenteer. By doing this we all can stay on the same page with the same goals and ideals that benefit our Tollers. Then contact our Secretary Jennifer Hollis who's email is below. We are sure that there is a place for ALL Volunteers. If you are interested in fostering, we urge you to complete a Foster Application at the same time you volunteer.

Email Foster Applications to:

Jennifer Hollis, Secretary Toller Rescue Inc: TRISec at gmail.com.

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For All Rescue Toller Information Contact Sue Jones: tollerrescueinc at gmail dotcom

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